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Attention! We received brand new Red Bull bags in the FansBRANDS warehouse that can be seen and even taken into the hands in our shop. There is no better news for a real Red Bull fan. If you dream to extend the blue-red collection or you just prepare for a trip, to school or you need something to put your laptop or sport gear in, you are in the right place.


These are not poor market things. When you take them in your hands, you will feel that the children born from the relationship between Red Bull and Puma are of the highest quality. You cannot complain much, since you can find sport bags, shoulder bags, laptop bags, backpacks, sport bags etc. From now on you cannot ask the question „Where shall I pack?” because you will be able to prepare for any situation.

But the best thing is that these products are made in limited edition, so you will not many of them. You will be the biggest star in the country and abroad walking in the city with the original Puma Red Bull bag ;-) There won't be enough for everyone! If you are the fastest, maybe you can get one. Order now!